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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a health profession dedicated to the well being of the spine and joints using only natural therapies (no drugs or surgery). Chiropractors evaluate the spine for issues with joint mobility of the spinal bones (vertebrae), called subluxations. Due to the close relationship between the spinal column and the spinal nerves, these subluxations can influence the activity of nearby nerves. Subluxations can also be seen in the joints of the arms, legs and jaw.

Nerves are the master control system of the body, both receiving information to be processed by the brain, and transmitting commands from the central nervous system to the various muscles, organs and other systems that make up our bodies. Since millions of nerve impulses come and go every second, anything that impairs nerve function lowers the efficiency of the body to work and protect itself. Research has shown that subluxations in the spine, if present, can interfere with nerve function. By correcting these problems in the spine, it helps maintain overall health.

Who Needs a Chiropractor?

Anyone who has subluxations will benefit from seeing a chiropractor. A care plan will be recommended that reflects the specific needs of the individual. How often a person is seen and for how long is determined on an individual basis.

All ages are seen in our office, from a few hours old to over 100 years. One is never too young or too old to have their spine checked. In fact, many people choose to have their subluxations corrected before they develop aches and pains through maintenance treatment. Pregnancy is also a very common reason to visit the chiropractor, to help manage those aches and pains and improve sense of well-being.

People see us for many reasons, including: low back pain, neck pain, headache, stiffness, strains, sprains, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, scoliosis, stress and tension, jaw noise and pain, maintenance care, osteoarthritis, postural correction, rib pain, low energy, low immunity.


What Causes Subluxations?

There are many reasons why your spine may develop problems. Usually, the symptom that finally takes you to a chiropractor has been building up over time; the result of poor posture, too much stress, an old injury or two, or exposure to toxins in the environment. The spine reacts by tightening and/or misaligning, producing an irritating effect upon the nerves.


What Can I Expect?

On your first visit, you will complete a Health Questionnaire to help us understand your current situation. Then a history is taken, followed by an examination that will include the necessary neurological, orthopaedic and chiropractic tests. X-rays may be ordered if necessary. Once this information is complete, your results will be explained.

A typical treatment involves the gentle aligning and mobilizing of your spine. This is called an ‘adjustment’ and is performed by Dr. Dean or Dr. Heather. In addition, muscle therapy, exercise instructions or other necessary procedures such as Low Intensity Laser Therapy or Therapeutic Ultrasound will be included. Dr. Heather also offers clinical acupuncture.

How Long will it Take to get Well?

Everyone is different and responds uniquely to treatment.  Most people begin to experience relief in just a few visits.  Results may vary depending on how severe your problem is, how long you have had it and other factors.

Your progress will be monitored to ensure that you are on the road to recovery.  There are three levels of care that you can choose:

    • Relief care is meant to help with symptom management only.  Underlying spinal issues are not necessarily corrected with relief care.
    • Corrective care requires a longer time frame and usually more visits as it deals with correcting longstanding problems that are usually behind the symptomatic flare-ups.
  • Maintenance care is lifetime care that seeks to optimize the function of your spine through periodic (often monthly to quarterly) ‘tune-ups'.