Upper Back

These exercise videos were created by the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative (CCGI) to provide the best evidence-informed exercises to help improve spinal function.

Upper Back Stretches

Cat Stretch

This stretch is great for the entire spine.

Postural Correction

This exercise allows you to correct your seated posture to make you more comfortable throughout your busy work day.

Rhomboid (Upper Back) Stretch

A great stretch for between your shoulder blades.

Pec/Chest Stretch

This is a great stretch to help improve forward slouching posture.

Upper Back Strengthening Exercises

It's important to keep your upper back and neck strong to promote good posture and prevent injury or postural strain.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

This exercise focuses on strengthening between your shoulder blades and correcting slouched posture.

Shoulder Blade Movement Control

These movements will help you gain control of your shoulder blades and correct your posture.

Shoulder Blade Retractions with Weights

This will help strengthen your upper back using hand weights.

Field Goal Exercise

A great exercise that targets between your shoulder blades to help improve posture.

Row with Resistance Bands

An additional way to strengthen the upper back using a resistance band.